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Would you like fries with that?

There is a local hamburger spot in my hometown that I love.  I’m not sure whether it is the grease on the grill, a secret sauce on the meat, or the perfect combination of ketchup and mustard that make it just right.  Whether you get them “to go” or eat inside, they are the best.  This restaurant recently opened up another location.  It is hard to find a table at the original spot, and the drive-through always has a wait.  So, it makes sense that the new location in the part of town that is really growing would be quite successful.  Ironically, it hasn’t done as well.
The issue – when you talk to people, they say it just isn’t as good.  They’d rather drive across town or go somewhere else.  It just didn’t make sense, things should have been the exact same.  I visited with someone who figured it out recently.  The original location wraps their burgers in foil.  The new one puts them in a little Styrofoam box.  No big deal, right?  (we won’t go in to the environmental impact of each…)  Each local manager made their own call.  Everything is the same – except that ONE little detail.  Well, that one little detail makes a lot of difference.  The steam from the burger in the Styrofoam box gets in to the bread.  It gets the bun all soggy and just takes away from the overall burger.
Sometimes trouble shooting an issue can be the difference in foil and a Styrofoam box.  What seems to not even be a factor can actually be the game changer.  This can often be the case in testing and supporting software.  Have you ever heard the phrase “It works on my machine?”  This is true!  Our Support staff amazes me in how they can dive in to the details to help you trouble shoot the issues.  Every little detail does matter.  Please remember this when you are experiencing a problem, especially if it is new to us.  Or, if we ask you a question about something on your machine or software settings that you think may not matter.  The more information is typically for the better!  Sometimes the little details can affect your overall success!

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