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Your Neighbors Need You!

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When you first moved into your neighborhood, you had high hopes for meeting your neighbors. Sure, they stopped by with plates of cookies and brownies. They nodded to you as you drove by, and they stopped by for a quick chat over the fence while you were weeding the flowerbeds. But that was the end of any deep relationship. There are a couple of people you know by name, but the others are a mystery.

Who are my neighbors? What are they like? What do they need? Do they know Jesus?

The truth is, there are probably a lot of people in your neighborhood who definitely need Jesus. They need you as their neighbor to love them through the ups and downs of life and to be the hands and feet of the Savior in the practicalities of the everyday.

“But haven’t they heard it all before?” You ask? 

Sure, we all have that preconceived idea that the neighborhood is “tapped out” or unresponsive to the Gospel. But the truth remains that Your Neighborhood Needs You.

At ACS Technologies®, We have created a resource to help your church and its leaders develop strategies for gaining a better understanding of your surrounding community. We want to help you reach them more effectively to experience health and growth in all areas of their lives. 

In our free PDF resource, you’ll discover how to: 

  • Meet needs in your community more effectively
  • Empower your people to share their faith
  • Overcome obstacles and opposition from community members
  • Discover tools to get valuable demographic information
  • Plan surveys and outreach to gather your own data

Represent the Kingdom of God in a way that strikes a chord with your neighbors

Click this link and get started today!

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