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Know Your Neighbors
For Better Ministry Results

The Importance of Knowing Your Neighbors.

You’ve got a lot of people in your neighborhoods who need Jesus. And more, they need to be loved by his people – to see and be seen. Regardless of what preconceived ideas you have or excuses you’ve made about why your neighborhood is “tapped out” or unresponsive to the Gospel, the truth remains…

Your neighborhood needs you. 

We have created a resource to help your church and its leaders develop strategies for gaining a better understanding of your surrounding community – So you can reach them more effectively to experience health and growth.

knowing your neighborhood

In this free PDF resource, you’ll discover how to: 

  • Meet needs in your community more effectively
  • Empower your people to share their faith
  • Overcome obstacles and opposition from community members
  • Discover tools to get valuable demographic information
  • Plan surveys and outreach to gather your own data
  • Represent the Kingdom of God in a way that strikes a chord with your neighbors

It all starts with knowing more about your community. So fill out this form and download your free copy today.

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