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Personalized Learning
for Church Ministries

Turn intention into reality.

Online Courses

Master critical areas of ministry together.

MinistrySmart offers courses designed to confront siloed ministry and shepherd change. Empower your entire team with in-depth learning experiences and unlock the path to ministry success. Gain exposure to best practices, risk management, insightful strategies, methods and mindsets. Staff can complete their training anytime, anywhere and MinistrySmart automatically tracks an individual’s progress.

Ministry Experts

Gain actionable insights from ministry pros.

There’s wisdom in many counselors. With MinistrySmart, you and your entire staff can gain new knowledge and skills from ministry experts at your convenience, 24/7.

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Interactive Experiences

Gain the confidence to enter any new initiative.

MinistrySmart™ offers live, interactive webinars led by ministry veterans that will help you and your team break through any barrier. Sharpen your skills and be ready for whatever comes next.

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Team-Based Access

Learn together. Serve together.

Most learning platforms charge per person. Not us. We want your whole team to benefit. Your subscription includes unlimited users, unlimited usage, and is accessible anytime, anywhere allowing your staff to learn what they want, when they want, and where they want.

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Common Questions

Staff—in this context—includes anyone on your Realm account who is assigned the Staff user role. That could be your paid employees, volunteers, lay leaders, or anyone else assigned that role.

A Starter Staff Pass™ is included with your Realm subscription and offers classes and learning paths to help you learn about Realm. A Pro Staff Pass™ includes live, interactive webinars and on-demand recordings about how to get the most out of Realm, but it also includes ministry-enablement content such as risk prevention and best practices for your church.

No. When you sign in to Realm and click the MinistrySmart icon, your credentials will automatically be passed through.

The answer is no, but we do provide a Pro Preview of our Pro Courses. Those are served up in their catalog. Those previews include "some" content inside of the course/webinar, but they'll have to get a Pro Staff Pass to get the entire course.

10-12 webinars and new courses are added monthly. See what’s current on the Ministry Roadmap: /ministrysmart/ministry-roadmap/

New content will be highlighted on the landing page in MinistrySmart.

We offer a multitude of training options, both onsite or virtual. Please give us a call, and we'd be happy to explore the best options for you.