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Ministry Mentors

Tackle your biggest challenges with a trusted expert.

Personalized coaching by ministry mentors that are ready to help bring your church’s vision to life. Because you were made for this work, and we’ll get there, together.


Get help from those who’ve done it before.

This isn’t just anyone; it’s someone who understands the realities of ministry. They know what it’s like to make tough staff decisions, navigate exhausting budget meetings, and pursue new opportunities for your big vision. And they know how to mix your people, your passion, and your strengths to unlock the path towards long-lasting ministry impact. Our one-on-one coaching and training is designed specifically for your unique needs.


Connect with a Trainer

Are you looking for a more personalized training experience with a professional MinistrySmart Trainer? Connect with us today to learn more about hiring an expert to help you and your church excel.


Common Questions

Yes! Complete this form and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible with additional information: Personalized Training Inquiry.

This varies by product and type of training. Please complete this Personalized Training Inquiry form for your sales consultant to contact you to discuss further.

Many of our ministry partners benefit from this affordable training option as it allows them to train at their pace right from the comfort of their office or home. All you need is a reliable internet connection and access to your software. The trainer will be able to remote access into your computer and customize the training specific to your needs, using your data. In addition, with virtual training, the training can be broken down over the course of days or weeks to allow for you to consume the training easily.

The trainer will work with you to discuss agenda, equipment needs, and any pre-work that should be done prior to the training.

Since the training is personalized to your needs, we will use your data.

Since personalized training is specific to your needs, using your data, we highly recommend not inviting other organizations to be part of your training.