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MinistrySmart Staff Pass Pro

#1 online learning platform built specifically to empower your church leaders & staff

Knowing how to operate and grow your ministry effectively is a god sized job. MinistrySmart provides the practical tools, methods and insights needed to create new solutions and empower entire ministry teams.

Empower your staff to help manage and grow your church

Without education on critical skills, such as how to reduce risk or to improve overall health & welfare of your ministry, the entire church suffers. But imagine for a moment, if you and your entire staff had ministry training and the tools to help fill the gaps in critical skill areas available 24/7 to help grow your church.

Personalized learning for church ministries

In MinistrySmart Academy, you and your entire team will have access to interactive courses, in-depth webinars, proactive strategies, and learning experiences designed to dismantle silos and unite your church. You’ll be able to learn at your own pace and on your own time, all while being guided by our team of ministry experts. Be sure to bring a friend.

Personalized coaching from ministry mentors

Personalized coaching by ministry mentors that are ready to help bring your church’s vision to life. Because you were made for this work, and we’ll get there, together.

Join the conversation

A place to share the novel methods of the day and build upon the time-tested strategies of the past. Connect, network, engage and discover with thousands of other ministry leaders – all who share a common pursuit for long-lasting ministry impact.

Empower your entire team. Serve better together.

Gain actionable insights, tools and strategies designed to transform and grow your ministry.

MinistrySmart Overview

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Master critical areas of ministry together & gain actionable insights from ministry pros.

Personalized coaching from ministry experts who are ready to help bring your church’s vision to life.

Connect, network, engage, and discover with thousands of other church leaders

MinistrySmart Talks is the podcast full of lessons learned from helping thousands of churches for over 40 years.

With our professional development events, workshops, and networking opportunities, you and your entire team can connect with our nationwide network of ministry professionals.

We believe that learning is most impactful when it occurs together.

As a ministry leader, you are often confronted with the task of shepherding change in the church. Ministry shouldn’t happen in a vacuum and neither should learning. For over 40 years we have committed ourselves to equipping churches with transformative resources and being direct partners in their continued success.