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ACS Accounts Receivable

Give your accounting staff the ability to:

  • Provide on-the-spot receipting which is convenient for ‘walk in’ payments.
  • Create custom billing codes for convenient, accurate billing for fees and services.
  • Run invoices in batches, rather than created record by record.
  • Apply billing codes for multiple fees automatically, while providing custom discounting where applicable (e.g. a family who receives a multiple child discount).
  • Link to ACS School Suite for tuition billing.
  • Add “customers” directly in the module or from People or HeadMaster.
  • Name and create as many different “Revenue Centers” as needed and tie to the appropriate income accounts.
  • Define the billing frequency by user for more system flexibility.
  • Define your own aging periods – 30,60,90, or some other range.
  • Quickly add, delete, or edit invoices.
  • Print or view reports on screen including: Aging Report, Customer Listing, Unapplied Payments, Billing Codes, and Revenue Centers.
  • Print statements using various options to determine which customers receive statements.
  • Print statements on plain paper or ACS forms.
  • Utilize Accounts Receivable as a complement to the ACS financial solution.