Church Management Software

Manage Member Information

It's not about data. It's about people and how you touch their lives.

Families and individuals are the heart and soul of your organization. Managing information about them is crucial. You need a trusted system to capture information, track participation, and simplify communication. That’s what our cloud-based church management software (ChMS) is all about.

  • Review your members' history, current contact info, family relations, and staff notes
  • Quickly produce personalized emails or merged letters
  • Create a pictorial directory for all members or a ministry group
  • Quickly map routes to homes of members and visitors for home visits
  • Generate census reports to learn more about your members
ACS People Member Information
Pastoral Care

Provide Exceptional Pastoral Care

Tools to help you establish and develop meaningful spiritual relationships.

Ensure your staff, members, and visitors stay fully connected with your ministry. ACS provides powerful church management software contact tools in the cloud to help you become more responsive, proactive, personal, and informed about ongoing outreach at your church.

  • Enter, plan, and record incoming and outgoing contacts
  • Maximize your ministry outreach opportunities
  • Track attendance trends and set up appropriate visitation programs
  • Pinpoint participation levels so you can maximize your growth potential
  • Monitor church response to stewardship campaigns
Also recommended: ACS Attendance and ACS Report Designer

Engage with Small Groups

Enabling people in your church to build relationships on a more personal level.

Small groups are one of the best ways to bring your church together, create lasting relationships, and bring focus to your ministry.

  • Make it easier for people to get involved in small groups
  • Equip leaders to communicate with their groups more efficiently
  • Post and share group calendars online
  • Enable leaders to submit attendance online
  • Start new groups where needed and provide support to groups that need it
Small Groups

Manage Services and Special Events

Provide opportunities for the people in your church to fellowship.

Events bring your church together and create new opportunities for you to reach out to your community. But in order to pull them off successfully, you need the right tools to help you organize the countless details that go into each one.

  • Host successful events for everyone in your church and local community
  • Allow members and non-members to register for events online
  • Accept full and partial event payments online
  • Easily communicate schedule changes and updates
  • Stop double booking of people and resources

Provide Peace of Mind with Child Security

Protecting the youth in your church.

Churches need to be proactive about the safety and protection of the children in their care. This means having in place the necessary security and documentation for dropping off and picking up family members from events like youth group, children’s church, and the nursery.

  • Identify and confirm the location of a child at any time
  • Know allergies and special needs of each child
  • Have confidence in matching guardians with children
  • Instantly provide visitor badges to guests
  • Quickly alert members during an emergency

Get additional peace of mind with ACS Background Checks

Child Security
Background Checks

Run Quick Background Checks

Keep your ministry safe with state-of-the-art background check technology.

Submit background check requests directly from your ACS software to Verified First without having to re-enter information. Verified First is a premier online pre-employment, volunteer, and tenant screening service used by Human Resource professionals, hiring managers, and volunteer recruiters.

  • Quickly search a comprehensive national search registry
  • Count on dedicated experts in pre-employment, post-hire and volunteer background checks
  • Save precious research hours and reduce your overall costs
  • Gain extra peace of mind and lessen the potential of hiring habitual offenders
  • Feel confident in who you hire

Go Mobile

Enable your staff and members to do more on the go from their mobile phone.

ACS Church Life is an easy-to-use app that’s free and available to all current Access ACS and Facility Scheduler clients. Your church members and staff simply use the same username and password that they use for Access ACS.

  • Look up phone numbers, addresses, and emails for each person in your Access ACS database
  • Easily add contact information to your phone’s contact list
  • Send a text or call a contact while viewing their information from within Church Life
  • Pull up directions and a map for home visits
  • Quickly alert members during an emergency
  • Open the app to members or secure it for staff only
Recommended modules: Access ACS and ACS Church Life Download the ACS Church Life mobile app for iPhone or for Android
Mobile Apps
Multi-Site Churches

Multi-Site Church Administration

Coordinate church information across every location.

Churches with additional campuses can track information in one centralized system. ACS stores data about multiple ministry locations and tracks donations given at each location. Advanced controls enable administrators to create specific security rights to define the information available to authorized staff members.

  • Manage information about multiple campuses
  • Track giving by campus
  • Print reports by campus
  • Set security preferences by campus

Denominational Office Software

Bringing together vital information about the churches in your denomination.

Not only does ACS support the needs of the local church, denominations can take advantage of our connective structure to aggregate information from all of its participating churches. Dioceses, associations, districts, presbyteries, synods, conferences, and conventions use ACS to provide higher quality leadership and services to their member churches and organizations.

Denominational headquarters can track personnel and membership data from individual churches and roll up the data into comprehensive directories, accurate statistical reports, and comparative reports and graphs—all while communicating the right information to the right people.

  • Produce membership graphs to review patterns in statistical data and share them with your churches.
  • Manage contact information for your member churches and track your staff's communication history with them.
  • Search staff employment history by start or end date and easily find open staff positions.
  • Identify churches with a specific job opening and forward qualified candidates' information to them.
  • Customize Modules for all your churches: ACS People, ACS Contributions, Online Giving, ACS General Ledger
  • Add-on ACS Safeguard
HeadMaster Childcare
HeadMaster logo

Provide Quality Care to Children

Make common daycare tasks easier for your staff.

HeadMaster™ provides churches and childcare centers with administration, billing, accounting, donor tracking, and communication in a single, cloud-based solution.

  • Deposit funds automatically with Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)
  • Scan checks and transmit details to any US bank
  • Distribute gifts to multiple funds
  • View images of deposited checks within donor records