Church Accounting Software

General Ledger

The heart and soul of church accounting.

ACS church accounting software is a flexible, easy-to-use, double-entry accounting system that adheres to nonprofit accounting standards and offers either a cash or accrual basis. Setup begins with the creation of your unique chart of accounts that interfaces with all the other financial modules and optionally with ACS Contributions and HeadMaster. You can track budgets and spending by fund, department, committee, and project. Budgeting and reporting have never been easier.

  • Secure
  • Accurate
  • Flexible
  • System-wide Data Integration
  • Built-in ACH Option
  • Microsoft® Excel Interface
General Ledger
Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Keep track of what you owe and pay bills on time.

As your complete check writing and vendor management program, ACS Accounts Payable saves you time and coordinates the way your employees pay bills and issue 1099s. You can centrally process your outgoing funds, print checks, store vendor information, and keep track of your invoices with this church accounting software module.

  • Check Writing
  • Vendor Management
  • Issue 1099's
  • Track Invoices
  • Federal and State Tax E-filing


Save valuable time and avoid confusion by handling all types of payroll procedures with one central solution.

ACS Payroll handles the special needs of churches and pastors, from housing allowances to insurance. Accommodates multiple cost centers, so pay is charged to appropriate areas. Customize with additions & deductions to pay. With ACS church accounting software you’ll have everything you need to pay your employees with consistency and accuracy.

  • Multiple cost centers
  • Customize additions & deductions
  • Print W2's & 941's
  • Direct deposits
  • Track vacation, sick & leave
  • Federal and State Tax E-Filing

Or, learn more about ACS Tax E-file


Purchase Orders

The tools you need to help manage your spending.

ACS Purchase Orders automates your organization’s cash-flow planning process to help prevent overspending. You can also easily cross-check and reference your purchasing.

  • Manage cash-flow and spending
  • Automate spending plan
  • Cross-check purchases
  • Set spending alerts

Fixed Assets

A reliable, centralized asset inventory and management system.

As a central inventory system for managing your organization’s equipment, ACS Fixed Assets tracks specific asset details from acquisition to depreciation to maintenance. Use it to plan, to document insurance claims, and to support good stewardship of plans and property.

  • Monitor asset values
  • Document insurance claims
  • Track inventory
  • Print barcode labels
Fixed Assets
Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Effectively manage your outgoing billings and incoming payments.

Whether on cash or accrual basis, ACS Accounts Receivable is automatically integrated with ACS General Ledger, ACS People and other ACS church accounting software modules. The customized, unlimited revenue centers ensure accurate posting to the correct accounts, billing codes that offer easy handling of recurring invoices to given customers, and payment codes that enable efficient crediting of payments for multiple accounts at one time. You can create unlimited revenues and connect income to specific accounts. Unlimited charge items, with customized frequencies, means fast and accurate billing. Process automation enables you to produce batch invoices quickly.

  • Define an unlimited number of revenues
  • Customized income frequencies
  • Batch invoicing
  • Unlimited charge items
  • Process automation