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Companion Solutions

We are pleased to offer you a collection of the most popular auxiliary items that you’ll need to work in companionship with our church software. On your behalf, we’ve established partnerships that provide you the best pricing, service and quality products. Here you’ll find a wide variety of beneficial options to help you manage your ministry better.

Looking for hardware that integrates with our software?

Label Printer
Label/Badge Printers
check reader
Check Readers
barcode scanner
Barcode Scanners
touch monitor
Touch Monitors
ID Badge Printers
ID Badge Printers
check in
Check-In Kiosks

To ensure you're purchasing hardware compatible with your software, please review this page.

Shop all compatible products:

If Amazon suppliers are out of inventory on the item you wish to purchase, you can simply search the manufacturer name and/or item number to find from another source.

In order to work with ACST software barcode scanner must have code 39 capability. If using a scanner for Realm Mobile Check-In, you will need a 2d capability as well.