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ACS General Ledger

Flexibility in record keeping with adherence to nonprofit accounting standards.

ACS General Ledger is the ultimate tool for creating budget reports, income and expense statements, and balance sheets.

  • Balance Sheets
  • Income & Expense Statements
  • Budget Reports
  • Visual Chart of Accounts
"Being able to post information to our general ledger within the Contributions module has been very useful. Now, our reports are helpful and allow us to get a clearer picture of where we stand. This feature has been a tremendous time saver.”
ELCA Region 1

What You Can Do

  • Design and manage one Chart of Accounts with multiple “sets of books” to accommodate multiple funds such as Church Fund, Building Fund, and School Fund.
  • Auto Fund Balancing feature can be used to always keep multiple sets of books in balance when making transfers between funds.
  • Set up and maintain separate datasets for organizations with different tax numbers or fiscal years such as Preschool and Church datasets.
  • Create custom reports with different views of the Chart of Accounts for your auditor, finance committee, or a particular staff member.
  • Create subtotals within your Chart of Accounts to print detail or subtotals on reports giving you ultimate flexibility in reporting.
  • During the budgeting process export selected accounts to Microsoft Excel for each staff member to adjust.
  • Use the copy budget function to create next year’s budget based on last year’s actuals. Balance or reconcile each bank checking account within General Ledger and print a list of outstanding checks and uncleared deposits.

Initial Setup and Use is as Easy as 1-2-3

  • Choose system defaults in Setup:
    • Setup unlimited bank accounts and multiple “checking accounts” within any single bank account.
    • Create as many datasets, funds, departments, committees, areas, and projects as needed.
  • Create your unique Chart of Accounts under the nine major headings and up to four sub-headings, and enter budgets or beginning balances.
  • Begin entering transactions.
  • Ability to reconcile each bank account within the software and print reconciliation reports.
  • Maintain standard bookkeeping practices.
  • All regularly used accounting reports are supplied along with a variety of other informational reports.
  • Post and print any transactions in the current year or previous year.
  • Chart of Accounts is presented visually, to help you see the structure and optimize for your needs. Five sub-levels permit easier reporting.
  • Enter beginning balances for accounts at start-up.
  • Utilize extensive budgeting capabilities, including built-in ‘what if’ analysis link to Microsoft Excel.
  • Cross-reference accounts for departments or projects, making customized reports easy to provide.
  • Monitor each transaction to insure it is completed in balance for easier end-of-month reconciliation.
  • Display account numbers and codes in drop down lists for all entries. No more account numbers to memorize.
  • Use an unlimited number of checking accounts.
  • Create multiple “checking accounts” within General Ledger while maintaining only one bank account.
  • Display transactions in ledger format if preferred. Keyboard navigation and entry fully supported.
  • Check writer program included with General Ledger.
  • Reports and results can be viewed before posting, so you can see the effect of transactions before they are finalized.
  • Customize reports and save to meet your reporting needs.
  • Support FASB 116 and 117 reporting requirements for nonprofit organizations.
  • Enter and/or edit your budget for the next year at any time.