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ACS Attendance

You can't start the conversation if you don't know who was there.

ACS Attendance organizes and tracks the attendance history for all of your classes, small groups, and discipleship programs. It allows you to set up as many master groups as you need to monitor your Sunday morning, midweek, and home-based ministries. This module simplifies the processes of creating class rolls, absentee reports, marking sheets, grids, and enrollment forms. Attendance can easily be entered via keyboard or barcode scanner.

  • Track total worship attendance by marking individuals present or by adding an overall head count
  • Record service participation details like taking communion, leading prayer, or reading scripture
  • Print convenient marking grids/sheets that include attendance markings for the last five weeks plus two special fields such as birthday, parents’ names, or email address
  • Add reminders to the attendance sheets to inform teachers of upcoming events like teacher training sessions or mandatory meetings
  • Include blank lines for teachers/leaders to capture visitors’ names and other information
  • Maintain and monitor small group attendance in its own master group
"ACS allows me to provide detailed information to our staff in order for them to keep track of members more efficiently."
Sue M.
Black Rock Congregational Church

Tracking attendance has never been easier.

  • Take attendance at small group meetings, classes, services, and any other variety of events
  • Maintain attendance records by individual, class, or event
  • Mark a whole group as present or absent and then mark exceptions to save time in recording
  • Capture attendance information for services, events, and programs fast via a keyboard or barcode scanner
  • Use our daily attendance capability to mark attendance for more than one event daily if needed (e.g. multiple Sunday schools or worship services on one day)
  • Save time by pulling names and current contact information from ACS People or posting attendance from ACS Checkpoint
  • Mark attendance easily with the daily feature, no need to mark the same member multiple times
  • Go back and correct individual markings easily
  • Single-handedly add, delete, or drop multiple individuals to/from classes or groups


Helpful reports keep your staff informed and aware.

  • Create reports to analyze attendance summaries and trends across various timeframes, including multiple years
  • Report absentees by date, range of dates, or last attendance
  • Print attendance graphs and summaries for all recorded events and groups
  • Record and report when communion is received under Worship Attendance
  • View attendance trends across multiple year
  • Find your data easily with multiple search options
  • Quickly access date last attended by an individual
  • Customize and print any attendance group’s roster
  • Color-keyed window helps you quickly view summary information (attended any event) or specific results (attended particular Sunday School class or service)


It’s fully customizable to reflect the events and structure of your church.

There are three different types of attendance categories: Classes (e.g. Sunday School, Small Groups), Worship Services, and Activity Groups (e.g. Committees set up in ACS People). You can further define an unlimited number of events and activities by establishing divisions, departments, or classes in Christian education. ACS Attendance allows three setup options for one-, two-, or three-level structures for any activity or attendance class. Lastly, each person can have more than one record in each attendance group to accommodate those who teach or visit classes other than their normally assigned class.


ACS Attendance also includes a special promotion/graduation feature for at the end of a school year.

The promotion process can be set up at any time before the new classes begin. Class rolls for new classes can be printed before promotion is applied. Once the last attendance marks have been posted for the current year, the new settings can be applied. Promotion can be done either by individual or by class.