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ACS People

The core component of your church management software solution. It’s your member database's foundation and required for all other ChMS modules.

ACS People is the cornerstone of ACS and the standard by which all ChMS systems are measured. It’s one of those modules churches pick first. Everything you do to manage information about your people (members, regular attendees, visitors, and contacts) starts here. As the foundation of ACS, each individual record entered into ACS People is available to other ACS modules. It natively integrates your data with other ACS modules, saving you a vast amount of data-entry time.

As the industry’s leading membership database tool, ACS People turns your address and phone list into a powerful ministry management tool. It quickly stores contact information that’s vital to your ministry. It makes it a breeze to keep personal and family information up-to-date, secure, and consistent.  It reports on and communicates with individuals, families, and activity groups.

  • Easily administer a centralized church membership database
  • Create pictorial directories and various other membership lists
  • Send personalized communications
  • Create census reports and many other kinds of reports right out of the box
  • Update multiple records at once instead of editing individual records one at a time
  • Maintain an unlimited number of records
"ACS helps growth in that you can manage the data more effectively; it helps us make people feel more connected and communicate more easily.”
Glenn M
Christ Church Georgetown

Data Input and Look Up

  • With both standard and customizable fields, you can enter virtually endless information about each individual.
  • Quickly access records by first name, last name, both names, envelope number, phone number, or primary address
  • Store unlimited phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses for each listing
  • Create and record unlimited emergency contacts, medical alerts, and pastoral comments
  • Import individual and family pictures from digital, scanned, or third party image directory firms
  • Group personal records together by family unit and easily update information (e.g. address) for an entire family
  • Different last names can be easily changed for an individual, while maintaining family relationships. Labels print properly for households with different last names.

Customizable Fields

  • Create unique, customizable list, data, and category fields such as activities, committees, skills & interests, spiritual gifts, and small groups.
  • Set up a multi-level structure that matches your church to makes it easier for you to retrieve reliable information necessary for mailings, lists, and reports.
  • Easily create or modify groups all at once.
  • Edit terminology within ACS to match your denominational preferences
  • Field setup is flexible, so denominational reporting needs can be met, without limiting the additional information that the church can maintain.

Data Maintenance Tools

  • Record Deactivation: deactivating an account automatically removes it from any search, filter, or label
  • Mass Change: Quickly make uniform changes to all records
  • Define Lists: Easily create new groupings and add new options to existing lists
  • Family Lists: Merge households, edit  family positions, and move children into their own family
  • Edit Accounts: Delete or edit individual or family accounts after major life changes
  • Geocoding: Add longitude and latitude for Geocoding and interface with mapping software

Built-in Communication Options

  • Save money with mailings that support CASS address verification and record ZIP + 4, delivery point bar codes, carrier route, and line of travel bar codes. Plus ZIP code sorting and barcoding
  • Set address activation periods for people with seasonal homes or locations
  • Easily interface with email programs, such as Microsoft® Outlook or Constant Contact®

Graphs and Reports

  • Adjust standard reports to meet your needs and rename and save them with notes for future use
  • Produce customizable pie charts, line graphs, or bar graphs on many system-defined and user-defined fields
  • Export reports to programs like Microsoft® Excel or Word with the “print to file” feature
  • Choose from five categories of standard reports:
    • Cards: Name Badges and 16 options for rotary and file cards
    • Directories: Fully customizable People Directory and 4 Pictorial Directory options
    • Lists: Create optional setup features using 18 different report options
    • Extracts: In addition to Standard and Customized People Extract, you may extract data to use with Sign Us Up, Olan Mills, Membermine, Lifetouch, PCA Directory, and your PDA
    • Statistics: Create 3 statistical reports with custom setup options

Security You Control

An important aspect of any database is the security of the data that has been entrusted to you. ACS People makes it easier for you to have peace of mind. You choose who has access to each specific part of your data.

  • Choose who has access to each part of your data
  • Set security for each user and comment type