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A more perfect union…

We recently started Netflix in our house.  One of the main reasons was  the upcoming arrival of a baby.  The irony with a new baby is that you are completely exhausted, but you spend a lot of time watching tv (while feeding).  Or at least, that’s my irony.  Instead of movies, I wanted a series to watch.  I had never watched West Wing and had heard through the years all of the accolades for the writing, acting, etc.
Beyond whatever your political views are on different issues, I totally adore the show.  I find it fascinating to see behind the scenes (even if dramatized) the workings of the Oval Office.  Sort of a peek in to how they make their decisions, the effects, fall out, etc.
Okay, I’m no Josh or Sam, but in our own little ACS Technologies world we are making decisions everyday that affect you – the end user.  Let me share a quick insight in to some of our current decisions…  Recently, we were thrilled to announce a new acquisition, The City.  A union between ACS Technologies and The City.  I know there is a lot of excitement around this.  Many of you are curious and questioning just what does this exactly mean?  How does this fall in line with the other products?  You want answers, and we want to provide them.  How should we decide all of these questions?  Sure, we have our ideas on the road map, but we don’t know what we don’t know.  Read that again, it’s key.  Even we don’t know what we don’t know about our own software.  Who does know?  Our clients!
So, recently we met with a group of about 30 The City clients.  Some were ACS Technologies clients, some were not.  All brought their own experiences, ideas, and needs to the table.  We met for 3 days to discuss the details of this product.  We want to keep the innovative development spirit of The City alive and continuing, but we know that there is also more we can do having it as part of the ACS Technologies family.  Lots of big sticky notes and markers were used to brainstorm, draw, and write out thoughts and ideas.  They were all great, too!  I appreciate the time everyone spent in this meeting.  We will be sharing more details in the coming days on the future, but the “state of the union” is good”!

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