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Blog » ACS Technologies Saints – 2013

ACS Technologies Saints – 2013

I am sure it was also All Saints Sunday at your church this past weekend. I like to take this time of year to remember the ACS Technologies employees who are no longer with us. This year we lost one of the founders of ACS Technologies, Rev. Iverson Graham, Jr. It was Iverson and Harris Rogers who sat down on the couch is his office 35 years ago and laid out the dream of a software company dedicated to helping churches. I continued to visit Iverson long after he had retired and he always enjoyed hearing about the progress of his dream. Iverson joins a distinguished list of people who helped build ACS Technologies as a company. We miss each one of them.
Rev. Iverson Graham, Jr.,  Company Founder
Jim Wilmeth, Training
Jamie Grimsley, Business Development
Courtney Robinson, PDS Customer Support
Karen Collins, Training
Charles Gwaltney, Sales
Libby and Cole Sanders, Sales
Sandi Bass, Forms and Supplies
Lori Yarborough, Forms and Supplies
Betty Lynn Covington, Customer Support
Teresa Daley, Customer Support

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