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Biometrics and the Church?

ACS Technologies has long been a leader in church software and solutions. The marriage of ministry and technology is one we’ve aimed to grow since 1978.
Enter the 21st century (well into it, I might add) and the relationship deepens even further. There’s some pretty cool stuff coming into play and it’s all in an effort to make “church work” more effective and efficient.
One of those things is what’s called “biometrics”. It is defined by the online Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the measurement and analysis of unique physical or behavioral characteristics (as fingerprint or voice patterns) especially as a means of verifying personal identity”.
What does that have to do with church? For one thing, using biometrics to focus in on giving or attendance patterns can obviously be beneficial to planning ministry accordingly. The better we know our people and how they respond to what we do, the better we can serve them!

1 thought on “Biometrics and the Church?”

  1. Avatar for John Trader

    We were very happy to have ACS write a guest blog for M2SYS Technology and pleased to hear from Jason Lee at Northwoods Community Church about how well biometric finger vein recognition and ACS’ Checkpoint software is working in their environment. Lots of great info in this post.
    Thank you for such a great post!

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