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Build Online Engagement

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Social media is a huge communication tool for all churches right now and is where most people get their source of information or connection. Engagement from your viewers is extremely important due to algorithms used by the social platforms. Engagement pushes your content to the top of your viewers’ page, so your posts are sure to be seen. First, we have to create engaging content — here are ten types of posts you can share on social media to make sure your viewers engage with you during this next season. 

 1. Holiday time: Ask viewers to post their family pictures in the comments from their gatherings. (Example: Christmas- “Post your photos of your family gatherings this Christmas.”)

2. Polls: Post questions encouraging viewers to vote or post in the comments. For example: “What’s easier? Praying or reading your Bible?” or a more lighthearted “Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich or Popeyes?”

3. Short Sermon Clips: Videos of your sermon (in short 1-minute clips) capture attention and help focus your viewers to a specific point in the latest sermon. 

4. Questions: Ending your post with a question encourage viewers to comment, this helps push your content to the top of news feeds. For example: when posting information about an event, ask who is coming and tell them to tag a friend they want to invite in the comments below.

5.  Testimonies: Sharing testimonies does not have to be limited to your live worship services. Re-sharing testimony videos on your feed encourages comments, shares, likes, reactions, and the spreading of the gospel (which is ultimately what we are trying to achieve). 

6. Quotes: Choose a quote from your Pastor’s latest sermon or a favorite lyric from one of the recent worship songs and use it as overlay type on a picture to post. These serve as reminders to attendees so they recall what they heard or learned during the past week.

7. Countdowns: Big event coming up? Throw up a countdown and ask your viewers to share one thing that they are excited about regarding the event. 

8. Photos from exciting moments on Sunday: Did your children’s ministry host a “Pajamas and Pop-Tarts” day this past Sunday morning? Did you host a holiday or special event? Grab some professional quality photos and post them on your social media.

9. Gratitude Posts: Anytime you can thank your volunteers or those attending worship, do it on your social media. Don’t forget to share pictures as well. 

10. Outreach: Share how your viewers can get involved with local/global outreach and how your church has been an influence in local/global outreach. 

Again, don’t forget to use photos and video when possible on social media. It captures attention and draws in viewers. Stop the scroll and grab their attention in seven seconds.

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