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Stop the Scroll and Engage

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Social media is one of the most popular forms of communication and we, as church leaders, need to understand how utilizing social media’s newest upgrades can help promote engagement and, in turn, allow us to reach more people for Christ. 

Stories are a huge engagement tool on social media. They allow you to share a story by utilizing graphics, photos, emoticons, text, video, music, and more. Stories are great at capturing attention quickly, which is important in “stopping the scroll.” 

In the church, we can use stories for so many things. Anything you don’t want crowding your feed can be posted on a story instead. Here are ten ideas of things you might consider posting on your church’s stories: 

  1. Short video clips from the most recent sermon. 
  2. Short video clips of your worship team. 
  3. Pictures from recent events. 
  4. Celebrations. 
  5. Hyperlinks to important posts already on your feed. 
  6. Pictures from different ministries — students, children, groups, volunteers, etc. 
  7. Important reminders. 
  8. Bible verse graphics. 
  9. Questions or polls to ask your congregants. 
  10. Fun boomerangs to grab attention. 

Facebook and Instagram can also be connected allowing your media coordinator to post on both platforms all at once with ease. As fast as technology is advancing, utilizing all the different avenues within media platforms is essential to reach more people.

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