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Building the Dream Team

As the Winter Olympics begin this month in Sochi, we are reminded of great individual and team performances from the USA. One of the most dominant teams ever put together was the “Dream Team” in the sport of basketball in 1992. NBA stars Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and a host of other great players took home the gold for our country. That may have been the on of the best ever assembled in the history of all sports.

Churches also have the ability to put together a so-called “Dream Team” with a great staff. People working together to advance the Kingdom of God is a formidable force. Here is a list of “do’s” and “don’ts” when it comes to putting together your “Dream Team” in your ministry.

  • Spend lots of time praying about potential candidates. Don’t make quick and rushed decisions just to hire someone.
  • Do your research on the final candidates. Background checks are important in this stage.
  • Be careful when hiring friends or family. This can put you in a tough position if things do not go as planned.
  • Be creative in your staffing by possibly shifting existing staff to other positions that may fit their personalities and skills better.
  • Be willing to make the tough decision to let someone go who is pulling down the team
  • Cast vision for the team so that they can visualize direction and where you can dream to take your ministry…together.
  • Don’t hire people just like you. Good diversity is healthy and can strengthen the team.
  • Don’t base your decision to hire someone solely on their higher education. Look at the whole package.
  • Don’t be so rigid on the compensation package. A few more dollars could mean the difference in hiring a superstar or settling for a dud.

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