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Blog » Church Finds A New Way For Guest Follow-Up

Church Finds A New Way For Guest Follow-Up

first baptist concord

The leadership team at First Baptist Concord in Knoxville, TN, strives to bring their congregants together so they can reach beyond the walls of their church to their community. However, the team found this difficult to do with an old database system. With aspirations of reaching their community, they knew they needed a versatile management software solution with an interactive platform to allow for easier guest connection.

As a multigenerational church with a weekly attendance of over 2,500, the staff at First Baptist Concord faced many challenges connecting their diverse congregation with the community. Following up with guests proved especially challenging in such a large church body. The leadership team found the solution when they switched to Realm® in January 2019.

Guests visit every week, and Claire Edwards, Guest and Member Services Coordinator, is responsible for following up with all visitors. She stayed busy trying to ensure no one was missed in the manual follow-up process. Since switching to Realm, Claire has been able to use the Pathways feature to create a follow-up process and a guide for guests who decide to join. 

“Realm has helped us focus on the development of our guest services as well as giving us a solid platform to connect with anyone who is ready to join our church,” says Claire. “It’s the first standardized process we’ve used in the 15 years I’ve been a part of Concord.”

Now that First Baptist Concord has Realm as a ministry partner, the leadership team has been able to connect with visitors, making sure they are brought into the fold and connected on a personal level.

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