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Church Streamlines Fundraising Efforts

newman catholic community at carolina church

The Newman Catholic Community in Chapel Hill, NC, is a unique church as it serves as both a full parish and a student ministry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The staff needed a software solution to simplify their fundraising efforts to effectively support their parishioners and students.

Being a dual-purpose facility, the leaders at Newman Catholic required a tool to maximize the energy parishioners spent on fundraising. With over 1,000 members and countless groups and events, their old software could not keep up with their ministry efforts. Their search for a solution ended when they found Realm. 

Since a significant part of Newman Catholic’s ministry is fundraising, streamlining those efforts through Realm benefited the community. The Giving feature in Realm helps students record funds and track fundraising progress during their letter-writing campaigns to raise money for their annual fall and spring trips. 

“We do an incredible amount of fundraising here at Newman in a way that a lot of parishes don’t,” says Kaitlin Connolly, Communications Director. “With Realm, having financial data streamlined into one place has been very beneficial for our community.”

During summer 2019, Newman Catholic launched eGiving to the congregation and met with great success. As Kaitlin says, now the power is right in the hands of the people, lightening the load for the administration. Realm makes seeing financial records far easier than their previous program. Parishioners can view and edit their own financial information without having to contact the parish staff.

With Realm as a ministry partner, Newman Catholic can better support their parishioners. Through the software’s many features, their fundraising efforts are significantly easier than before allowing them to focus more energy elsewhere.

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