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Coming Together to Bless Others

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People are tired of being apart, but they still feel the necessity to be cautious and wise about coming together. We want to avoid the virus that feels like it’s around every corner, but we also really, really want life to get back to normal, whatever that is.

This is definitely the way folks in our congregations feel. Let’s find some creative ways to bring people together, but also use that time of connecting to bless people in our community. 

There are some specific groups of people that need our support and encouragement. There are also people that are struggling financially as a result of our world being turned upside down in 2020.

One way churches are bringing their congregations together is by having an event where individuals and families come together to create care packages to bless specific groups of people.

They set up stations, safely spaced apart, and provide gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer. Families or small groups or just individuals can come and work together to create and pray over care packages.

Who can we work together to bless?

  • Healthcare workers
  • Emergency responders
  • Teachers
  • School bus drivers
  • Nursing home residents
  • Families in financial need
  • Senior citizens that live alone
  • Chronically ill individuals

You probably know other groups in your community that have needs at this time as well. 

November is the month where many of us intentionally focus on gratitude. What better way to live out gratitude than to work together and bless people in our communities. Now, in this crazy season of uncertainty, come together as a congregation to show your community Christ’s love through serving others.

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