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Small Events with Big Impact: Organize Your Event


These days we are all trying to find ways to gather and enjoy each other’s company. For your church this probably doesn’t mean full congregational events, but instead small events that help your members re-engage with each other. 

Of course, even the smallest events can have a huge impact on your church family and local community. So let’s look at how Realm® can help you organize and plan these events so they run smoothly.

Use a small group to organize your plans.

Once you have decided on what event to hold, its planning time. Add all those who are planning your event into a small group in Realm, and communicate within that group as you plan. You can email your group to send out initial details about what is needed, and then follow-up with the group by posting on the group’s newsfeed. With communication available online, the Realm Connect mobile app, or texting through Realm, your planning team can stay on top of organizing your event even while on-the-go. 

Plus, share files within your group such as seating plans, vendor information, or other forms. And your leader can plan meetings using group events and include online meeting links for your planning team to connect throughout the process.

Track progress to ensure complete planning.

We all know the feeling of planning something just to realize on the day of the event you have forgotten one important piece. Realm Pathways keeps that from happening. Create a pathway for your event planning and include steps for all that needs to be completed to prepare for your event. Add each member of your planning team to the pathway step they’re responsible for completing. You’ll be notified once all the steps are completed, so you can rest assured that your event is properly organized.

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