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Connect Intentionally One Step At A Time

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Connecting intentionally with people is the key to ministry. Encouraging and loving them is the act of building a real relationship. And a true relationship will have connections that will lead to reciprocation and growth. 

As a church body truly connects with its members, the foundation laid is solid. And in those connections members, in turn, can create solid relationships with other members. 

How we communicate defines us and how we’re perceived in our relationships. Whether your congregation is large or small, what matters most is being intentional in thoughts, actions, and words.

Whether a large or small congregation, connecting personally can feel overwhelming. But one step at a time will get you there. Realm and Realm Connect are an easy way to start.

Here are a few ideas and how to execute in order to start connecting intentionally:

Get Involved

Staff members, including the senior pastor and the chief of staff, and members alike need to be involved to connect intentionally in functions, including small groups. Participation is key with members. It allows staff members to be seen and known as people. 

To find a small group fit for you, take a look in Realm to see the different groups involved on campus (or virtually). From classes to small groups to networks – groups that meet based on affinity or activity – to recovery or services in the community, there’s at least one group that has a time slot and interest that aligns with your schedule so you can be a member. You do not have to be the leader; this is to connect with people outside of your role.

Make the Effort

Click on the Realm group that you are interested in and look at the leaders. Message them through the Realm Connect app to confirm times, meeting place and what you may need to bring with you – or if virtual, find out the meeting information. Messaging makes it incredibly easy to connect with people in your church. You can quickly communicate with members of the group or start conversations with one person or multiple people just by searching for them by name. And once you send a message, people will be notified and can respond right away. 

Follow Up

Keep connecting. Take notes and names of people you meet if you don’t remember faces well. Send a personalized message to follow up ahead of the next meeting. See what they thought of the reading, event, or service you attended together. Being engaging and intentional is what it’s all about. Allow yourself to be seen in a new way outside of your role, and others will take note. People follow what’s familiar. Set an example as they look to you and your staff for leadership, and they’ll be doing the same. With Realm, you can easily accomplish this with private notes and email or chat.

How to Connect Personally When You Can't Know Everyone

How to Connect Personally When You Can’t Know Everyone spells out ideas and the corresponding actions in order to start connecting with intention today.

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