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Creative Ways to Use Volunteers


People are a church’s greatest resource. They bring their time and talents to your church. They give generously to financial needs. They help further the mission of the church in the community. 

Yet too many church members are underused. The frantic need for church volunteers means gifted people are treated as warm bodies to fill roles. People lose a chance to make a difference, and churches lose an opportunity to leverage the talents of their members. 

This challenge creates an incredible opportunity for your church, especially as you look ahead to the natural bump of fall attendance. Our latest resource, Volunteering: Gearing Up for Fall, provides a comprehensive playbook for volunteers. 

As you plan fall events, rethink weekend gatherings, and oversee outreach opportunities, consider how you can better use the people around you. Some ways churches see great success here include:

  • Regularly asking small group leaders and members what ideas they have
  • Following those ideas and empowering people to bring them to life
  • Delegate responsibility to people with the right talent and skill 
  • Brainstorm creative ways to provide an extra level of hospitality for events and services
  • Bring people into your staff meetings to help solve challenges

Volunteering isn’t limited to nursery duty or leading a Bible study. Churches have so many things going on, especially during the fall season. As you discover in Volunteering: Gearing Up for Fall, you have many ways to utilize the people in your church. Empower them to use their gifts and watch your church grow stronger. 

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