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Better manage your church’s faithful volunteers

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People make ministry happen.

Foster a culture of ministry participants, not ministry consumers.

realm volunteer management

Know where your congregation’s spiritual gifts lie.

Skills and Interests allow staff to know what spiritual gifts each person has and how they can best serve the church. Staff can completely customize skills and interests which can also be self-selected by your congregation.

realm spiritual gifts
edit serving role

Create roles for your volunteer needs.

Every volunteer plays a crucial role in your church. That’s why Realm church volunteer management system allows you to build the unique roles you need. Whether it’s help in the nursery, an usher or greeter, or anything else, you can create the role in Realm.

Group roles into teams.

In Realm church management software your volunteers  are stronger when they work as a team. Organize your roles into teams so you can easily communicate with them, create schedules, and more.

realm group role teams
realm create volunteer schedule

Volunteer Scheduling Tools

Create and communicate volunteer schedules.

Realm church volunteer scheduling software provides staff and serving team leaders with each congregant’s serving preferences and scheduling conflicts to make the headache of creating schedules easy. And when life happens, volunteers can even request to find replacements to serve.

Church Volunteer Management Tools

Give time back to staff.

Managing volunteers can be a time consuming role for staff. Realm allows staff to select serving team leaders who manage their team’s rosters and schedules, help check in volunteers, mark attendance, and more. They can even access a volunteer dashboard for attendance metrics and overall management of their teams.

realm give time back

Want to see Realm Volunteers in action?

Check out our new webinar for an in-depth look at how Realm Volunteers can revolutionize how your church does volunteering.

realm browse by role

Find the right volunteers.

The church often looks to their congregation in times of need. Realm church volunteer software allows the church to communicate all volunteer opportunities to the congregation. Congregants can then find these opportunities in Realm or the Realm Connect mobile app and express interest to serve.

Background Checks

Clear people for ministry roles.

Use our integrated background check services to verify someone’s readiness to serve. Simply select the person you want to verify and choose which kind of background checks you want to run.

Integrated Background Checks Verify that a Volunteer is Ready to Serve
Train Your Volunteers with Our Easy-to-Use Church Management Software

Training Pathways

Equip your leaders.

Train your leaders for ministry. Use Pathways to guide them through each step of your volunteer training process, monitor their progress, and assign pastoral staff to follow up with them individually.

Volunteer Groups

Create serving groups based on gifts and talents.

Build ministry teams based on how people serve (e.g. worship team, greeters, youth, etc.) and use your ministry areas to help organize how your volunteer groups are structured.

Manage Volunteers using Groups and Individual Interests
Realm Volunteers

Volunteer Check-In

Keep track when volunteers show up to serve.

Check-in isn’t just for children. Use a volunteer check-in kiosk to keep track of who is actively serving at any moment. It’s a centralized way to make sure you have people where they’re supposed to be.

Email Volunteers Directly Through Your Church Management Software System

Volunteer Emails

Communicate directly to volunteer groups.

Send messages and files to anyone involved in a volunteer group. You can send out general information, distribute important files, and post new service opportunities for people to consider.

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