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Cybersecurity, Why Churches Are So Vulnerable

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Did you know the financial sector is one of the top five most targeted sectors for cyber threats? It probably is a bit obvious, but it’s the same reason your church is a prime target. With online giving and large dollar transactions occurring regularly, you’re housing much of the same data banks store. Not only that, in many cases, the safeguards churches are using may not include the same level of sophistication used in large financial institutions.

Threats Growing Beyond Financial Information

Because of this, the number of churches seeing cyber attacks is growing. Financial information isn’t the only target for cybercriminals. Your website and Wi-Fi are also prime targets. The types of cyber attacks have become more complex and continue to evolve –  malware, phishing, Trojan horse viruses, and ransomware attacks. In many cases, the threats are evolving so quickly it’s hard for your IT team to stay on top of them.

Think about your personal email account. The number of questionable emails that get through the spam filter is alarming. Who wouldn’t think about clicking on an email regarding issues with your bank account or credit card? Now consider your church staff. Not all are tech-savvy enough to identify a phishing email, and even those who are, aren’t always vigilant. 

Your church literally can’t afford to incur a cyber attack. If your member’s or financial data is compromised, it will immediately impact your giving and your church’s reputation. The willingness to share personal and financial information will evaporate. Trust will be lost. Leadership’s abilities will be questioned. And, inevitably, the impact of the cyber breach will spread throughout your community. A security breach will be tough, if not impossible, to recover from.

Church Security Vulnerability Prevention

There are ways your church can reduce the odds of an attack. And resources are available to help you eliminate the vulnerabilities of your church’s cybersecurity.

Security Assessment

  • Knowing how vulnerable your people and systems are is a critical initial step for your cyber security.
  • Set up procedures and policies to prevent an attack. And to address a cyber security event should one occur.
  • Take your free Information Security Assessment now.


  • Keeping staff updated on potential cyber threats is a must. Sharing tips on types of phishing will demonstrate how simple or sophisticated they can be.
  • Requiring strong passwords is essential. Set a minimum of total characters, numbers, and special characters. Also, require passwords to be updated regularly


  • Invest in tools that will enable your IT staff to stay on top of cyber security issues.
  • Investing in IT staff training and certifications is also advisable. 

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

  • MSPs can partner with your organization to provide peace of mind that your IT devices, users, and data are secure and operating efficiently.
  • They’ll improve security, give you immediate access to expertise, and expand your IT staff without the extra benefits expense or HR forms.
  • They will provide a proactive plan and help implement it to ensure IT problems don’t occur.
  • An MSP offers affordable subscription-based pricing models that give you immediate security and cover IT services from security and risk mitigation to network infrastructure to software licensing.

Cyber threats are real. You must ensure your data and systems are safe if a cyber attack occurs. The time to take action is before an event occurs. Contact us today to find out if we can mitigate your security risks.

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