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Do You Know Your Audience?

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Knowing your audience is important in reaching and engaging followers on social media, but even more important is engaging with your followers. We, as creatives, spend a lot of time brainstorming and formatting content that may never get a lot of views or a broad reach all because we are not targeting the right audience and engaging with them. 

Building relationships, even on social media, is very important. People following your page also want to know they are being followed and supported in return. It is essential that we like, comment, share, react, and engage with our followers’ posts. This demonstrates that we see and pay attention to what they have going on in their lives. When they see you showing up for them, they show up for you. 

Take time every day to engage and connect with those following your page. Wish them a Happy Birthday, comment on the adorable pictures of their kids and family, share their good ideas, and like or react to some of their posts. When you do this, you initiate a relationship which leads to more opportunities and chances for this person to be a part of your church family. 

After you build relationships on social media, those people will in turn follow you and engage with your posts allowing for more reach. Be sure you are being consistent in your posting and your engagement with others.

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