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Blog » Electronically Filing Your ACA Forms in PDS

Electronically Filing Your ACA Forms in PDS

The holiday season is behind us. Now we look ahead with new goals, renewed vows, eager optimism, and of course – the opportunity to file your Affordable Care Act – ACA forms with the IRS.

Before you rush with arms wide open into the alluring world of ACA forms, please heed our still small voice calling for temperance.

We’ll guide you through this process. Consider it our gift to you. It’ll be like Christmas all over again – that is, if you spent Christmas in purgatory…

Just kidding. It won’t even be that good.

Anticipating this special season

You can make your year-end less hectic by entering the health care coverage terms for your employees in PDS throughout the year as needed. That way, it’s already done and you can focus on other tasks when it’s time to file taxes.

Need help entering those health care coverage terms? Find out how to do that in PDS Ledger/Payroll.

When the season arrives

Assuming you’ve entered the health care coverage terms for your employees and their dependents, you can file your ACA forms with the IRS. We recommend the convenience of electronic filing.

The joy of E-Filing your ACA forms

If you use PDS Ledger/Payroll, watch the video to learn how to file electronically.

View more information on our website, and check out our Tax E-File help. For pricing information, see Nelco’s website.

Another gift for you

This joyful season of tax preparation wouldn’t be complete without another helpful gift to you from us: We offer a guide to help you stay on course with your year-end tasks!

If you’ve read up to this point, your excitement is probably uncontrollable. All this talk about year-end procedures, ACA forms, and the IRS helps to make this New Year the most amazing ever.
And we already look forward to it again later this year!

Meanwhile, we’re always here for you if you have any questions. You can read our help documentation or call us at 1-800-669-2509. By the way, if you use ACS software, we have a gift for you too. This giving thing is contagious.

Happy New Year!

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