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Ensure your Church is Safe and Secure

church security

How many people does it take to secure a church? Church security isn’t something to joke about, especially if your church has been the target of cybercrimes. Chances are you’ve had an incident – data stolen, network breaches, malware, or even social engineering scams. But it happens, especially in today’s data-driven world, when personal and financial information can bring a massive windfall for cybercriminals.

Unfortunately, it takes more than a few people to conduct all the necessary functions to ensure your church is secure and not a viable target. But even the largest churches have trouble hiring staff with enough experience and know-how to protect them from cyber crimes. Cost can be another hurdle for hiring security professionals. Salaries are high, and demand is higher. Church security isn’t something that should be handled solely by volunteers either. The skills a knowledgeable IT professional offers your organization are invaluable, but hiring additional staff means less money for your ministries and missions.

The decision is easy. Your church can’t afford to face a ransomware event or network breach. If your data is compromised, you immediately lose the trust of your members and inevitably, it will impact your church finances along with your reputation. Who wants to sign up for online giving or enroll their children in Sunday school at a church where all it’s member data was stolen? You don’t want to find out.

Your church does have an option to avoid both the cost and consequences of a cyber attack – a Managed Service Provider (MSP). An MSP can help your church with all your IT-related service needs. IT management and support for every part of your church.

  • Security evaluation and risk mitigation
  • Network infrastructure – firewalls, switches, and routers
  • Workstations, laptops, and check-in systems
  • Internet hosting and software licensing
  • Phone systems (VoIP)
  • Data backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Hardware failure
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Virtual networks
  • Email spam filtering 
  • And much more.

An MSP will help you improve security, give you access to expertise, and help you scale your IT resources without increasing your headcount. MSPs provide a proactive approach to IT issues. You no longer need to run from workstation to workstation after an update. They’ll also improve your system’s dependability and uptime. 

Many computer companies offer on-demand services called “break/fix.” When your system “breaks,” they’ll charge for the parts and time to fix it. So the more your systems are down, the more money they make. This model will impact your downtime and productivity. Most churches can’t afford to wait for a service call or parts to be delivered when their network goes down.

This model makes it easy to see the value an MSP can offer. You agree upfront on the services provided and the monthly cost. This means it’s in your MSP’s best interest to be proactive in preventing problems from ever occurring. And if something does happen, your entire IT infrastructure is managed remotely, minimizing the downtime and costs.

An MSP can create a more secure, reliable environment for your data and systems. They’ll mitigate your risks and provide proactive support before you have an incident. This affordable option is appealing to all sizes of churches, no matter how simple or complex their needs are.

Are you interested in finding out how an MSP can help your church? Find out more HERE. Or take a minute and complete our FREE Info Security Assessment.

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