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Perimeter Church relies on Higher Ground for data backup and security.

Perimeter Church, located in Johns Creek outside Atlanta, Georgia, has a large weekly attendance spanning multiple services. It operates with a considerable database using MinistryPlatform and manages its 400 staff members and numerous workstations.

In 2004, the church’s IT department welcomed Brandon Huff as an intern. During his tenure, he collaborated closely with Danny, an IT contractor. This partnership allowed Brandon to immerse himself in the church’s culture and technical ecosystem. His dedication and skill eventually led him to join the consulting firm alongside Danny, continuing to provide IT support to Perimeter. By 2011, Brandon had become the IT Director at Perimeter.

Brandon reflects on his journey, noting the strong rapport he built with Danny, which was instrumental in the seamless management and overhaul of the church’s IT systems. When the opportunity arose, Brandon advocated for Higher Ground—a managed services provider—as a new venture for Danny, a move that coincided with Higher Ground’s introduction to Perimeter. Brandon’s role has since evolved to Director of Technology Operations, adding the oversight of the church’s production, infrastructure, and engineering teams.

In his current role, Brandon prioritizes discussions on infrastructure and production with his team and Higher Ground while aligning with the church leadership to ensure strategic goals are met. Under his guidance, Perimeter is enhancing its security with Higher Ground’s advanced solutions, like SentinelOne, across all workstations. The partnership includes comprehensive monitoring and maintenance, facilitated by a retainer that allows for regular on-site consultations by Danny.

Brandon appreciates Higher Ground’s proactive approach to system updates and patches, which significantly reduces his workload and enables him to delegate effectively. He values Higher Ground for its swift emergency responses, competitive pricing, and the convenience of having a unified management for all systems. This collaboration streamlines operations and allows Brandon to concentrate more on strategic initiatives rather than technical maintenance, embodying a partnership that enhances efficiency and fosters growth at Perimeter Church.

“I think there are two big reasons why people should use Higher Ground: how well they respond to emergencies, which I think is phenomenal, and their competitive pricing. It’s much more manageable in the church world for their pricing than any other vendor.” 

Brandon Huff, Director of Technology Operations

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Stacey Smith 

Stacey joined the ACST team in 1998 in the support department and joined the marketing team in 2021 as an Associate Marketing Coordinator. Today she runs the ACST Ministry Champions program, which involves all references, reviews, and testimonials for all of our products and services. When she isn’t at work, she is spending time with her husband, two teenage daughters and furbaby Copper.