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Fun Ideas for Small Groups

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2020 took its toll on everyone, and many people adopted a mindset of “How can we get through this?” as opposed to a “How can we do more?” Many churches have “coasted” during this season of difficulty and transition, but many churches are also looking to rise. 

Small groups have become the lifeblood of many churches today. To rise above and keep ministry going, we need to look within our small groups first, ensuring we are building relationships with one another. Here are ten things small groups can do together while still social distancing and abiding by the health recommendations: 

  1. Host outdoor activities like a bonfire. Invite the whole gang over and spread out around the fire to enjoy a lil’ bonfire talk and s’mores. 
  2. Serve together. There is nothing more unifying than showing love and serving others together. Get a group together and go down to one of the local ministries you partner with. Ask how you can be of service. 
  3. Game night. Pick a house or venue (or even go outside) large enough to accommodate everyone and have a game night. 
  4. Scavenger hunt. Break into family groups and drive around town, creating photo memories of the things you’re to hunt. 
  5. Start a prayer walk. Bring your group together for an outdoor 5K. Stop periodically and pray for the local schools, government, and different ministry areas inside the church. 
  6. Go ax throwing. Need to let off a little stress? Find your local ax throwing facility and visit. There’s no doubt you’ll hit the bullseye with this awesome adventure. 
  7. Hiking. Choose the closest hiking trail near you and invite your group for an afternoon on the trails. 
  8. Zoom check-ins. Although it seems most people are functioning in public again, there are still some remaining at home. Don’t neglect these people, and be sure to check in with them weekly. Zoom calls can allow the leader and congregant or the whole small group to have a face-to-face discussion while maintaining social distancing guidelines. 
  9. Dinner nights. Invite everyone over for dinner and enjoy a boxed dinner from a local restaurant while keeping a social distance. 
  10. Care Packages. Create care packages for the elderly, immunocompromised, and others who might be remaining in their homes due to the pandemic. Put together the boxes and drop them off on their front porches. 

In addition to these fun things you can do together as a small group, remember it’s important not to neglect meeting together. Get together and read God’s Word. Talk about it. Pray together. Your group is part of the lifeblood of the church. Don’t forget to press into God’s Word while you love one another. 

Hebrews 10:25, “And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”

For more information on Small Groups, please download the Small Events With Big Impact guide or view  our Small Group blogs.

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