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Small Events With Big Impact

Plan and Pull Off Spectacular Small Events

Gathering people can be a difficult proposition, especially now. In addition to all the normal challenges, such as getting the word out, planning the details, and following up to make a lasting impression, now you have a lot of safety and stigma issues to consider.

Now is the time to get really good at hosting small events so you can continue reaching out to your community and keep your church connected

Church leaders need to think about small events differently to realize their full potential for meaningful experiences.

Sometimes the biggest impact you can make to move ministry forward will be done in small-format settings.

We’ve created a free resource that will show you how to plan spectacular small events so you can safely gather and expand your reach.

Small Events with Big Impact Guide

You’ll learn why it’s important to:

  • Think bigger about small events
  • Envision your outcomes within your team
  • Communicate your objectives to the community
  • Plan the details for ease and efficiency
  • Make important connection points
  • Follow up to make a lasting impression
  • Build on your history to develop a reputation
  • And so much more! 
You’ll even receive a FREE EVENT PLANNING CHECKLIST to help your teams stay on track with minimal confusion and maximum impact.

Get your free copy of this invaluable resource today!