Create more ways to connect and build relationships across your church.

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Realm Groups

Group Communication

Find the right audience.

Communicating with groups can be a struggle, especially when you need to get information out quickly. However, Realm® lets you do that effortlessly while enabling group members to communicate with ease. Group members can be notified via email, in-app notifications, and even texts, allowing them to stay in contact with their groups.

Ministry Areas

Simple setup, powerful structure.

Realm makes it easy to set up your group structure according to ministry areas, letting you quickly create groups that meet specific ministry objectives and assign responsibilities to the appropriate people.

Realm Groups
Realm Groups

Leadership Delegation

Give leaders the tools to lead.

Create groups with profiles, meetings, rosters, and resources; then delegate group management to the people best suited to keep everything up to date — the group leaders.

Group Search

Help people find what they’re looking for.

Anyone in your church can use Realm’s group search capabilities to find and get involved in a group that fits their interests, needs, or ministry affinities. Realm’s public group directory extends that reach even further.

Realm Groups
Realm Groups

Attendance Dashboard

Know who’s connected and who’s not.

Realm’s attendance dashboard gives you immediate insight into attendance patterns with the ability to pivot on date ranges, campuses, ministry areas, demographic attributes, and much more.

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