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Blog » How to Encourage Your Church to Tithe Over the Summer

How to Encourage Your Church to Tithe Over the Summer

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Money impacts people’s lives in so many ways. Church leaders need to go a step further in encouraging your church to tithe over the summer and continue to instill a Biblical perspective about giving. “Equip the saints for the work of the ministry” and provide your congregation with the financial resources to cultivate good stewardship and generous giving. This will let people know you care not just about the gift but the giver.

Church tithe challenges are a reality as many people have obstacles that prevent them from giving. For some, it’s simply a lack of money. For others, a desire for security keeps them securely connected to their cash or a need for scrutiny and prudence that invokes doubt. And others want to dive deeper into the nuance of the vision before committing to the cause. It’s also not wise to forget that many people have recently been in survival mode. They might want to give, but their budgets have been slashed. Grace dictates that the request for giving understands these situations and is offered with sympathy

Dispel Doubts

To dispel all doubts – and to both equip and empower your people to get in the giving game and grasp the benefit of tithing – you need a multifaceted approach that includes:

  • Offering financial management classes and resources to help people manage – and give – their money better.
  • Teaching on the nature of God as provider and people as stewards to help those who have a fear of financial ruin.
  • Revealing God’s blessing to the downtrodden and how He blesses those who seek to bless His Church.
  • Providing actual budget numbers and reports so the people can see the details.
  • Connecting the dots between giving and the vision in multiple ways that reach the various types of people in your church. Think through all the different types of people God has assembled at your church. Explore how your messaging can connect with each of them. To move them from tipping to tithing and from dipping their toes to diving in.

Once you have your vision established and you’ve addressed people’s obstacles and concerns about giving, it will help to show people how their giving will specifically make an impact. This is a powerful “how to” encourage members to tithe. It’s one thing to support a vision. It’s quite another to know that the $20 you sacrificially gave last Sunday helped someone put her faith in Christ. Love in action with results speaks volumes to the giver. 


It’s also just as important to educate people about the financial climate of the church during the summer so they in turn, will think about their role in and financial commitment to the ministry. When you want to know how to talk about tithes in church and encourage consistent engagement, a tool to stir people to action about giving during the summer is to create an Impact Card. 

The card should fit comfortably inside a wallet and act as a reminder to exercise good stewardship and faithful giving. The size of the card will let people carry it with them wherever they go. They can also display the card on a desk or post it on a refrigerator. To remind themselves and/or their family of their summer commitment to the church’s vision. The front of the card can list 3 specific financial action points, including a giving URL or text giving option. The back of the card can list 3 members or ministries with financial ministry’s needs. This reinforces the importance of this church-wide initiative. It’s a straightforward and tangible reminder for young and old of the importance of their active participation in the church’s mission.


Be connected to your church members. Purposefully know them and not just their giving history. Be present in their challenges and victories. Pray for them. This builds and reinforces communal living. Henri Nouwen emphasizes in his book, The Spirituality of Fundraising, “I wonder how many churches and charitable organizations realize that community is one of the greatest gifts they have to offer. If we ask for money, it means that we offer a new fellowship, a new brotherhood, a new sisterhood, a new way of belonging.” 

Chris serves as the Vice President of MinistryPlatform. The most powerful and flexible Church Management System for membership, group involvement, check-scanning, contributions, event management, check-in, and public website integration. Including online giving and online event registration. He leads the team in finding new ways to help the Church engage with people by using information.

Chris was CEO of Think Ministry / MinistryPlatform before merging with ACS Technologies in April 2021.

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