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How To Make Bible Reading a Priority During a Pandemic

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I’m confident we are all feeling the effects of COVID-19, but also the effects of the hatred and violence going on in and throughout our nation right now. Due to so many distractions, it is easy for us to prioritize things above our relationship with God, including our time spent in His Word.

Here are 4 ways to stay connected to God’s Word during this new season of ministry:

  1. Scheduling

    1. Reading God’s Word is essential for a healthy walk with Christ. We tend to schedule things that are important, so let’s put this on the calendar and schedule a time that we meet with God daily. By scheduling our time with God, we are ensuring that this becomes a priority in our new routines, and we are able to connect with Him on a deeper level.
  2. Accountability

    1. This is key to maintaining a consistent walk with the Lord. Every Christian needs someone they trust who can help hold them accountable for their actions, but also for making sure they are spending time with God. When we shy away from having an accountability partner, we are already setting ourselves up to fail. When we ask for help, we are able to grow and sustain spiritual health like none other. Remember that scripture says, “Two are better than one…” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).
  3. Journaling

    1. This is a great method that can be done in easy ways (like using the S.O.A.P. method) that allow us to really grow deeper in our time with God. Journaling has many benefits, but the main one that comes to mind is that it helps us meditate on God’s Word and see his Word come to life.
  4. Prayer

    1. It goes without saying that prayer is a huge part of our walk with the Lord. God has given us many different ways to communicate with Him, and prayer is by far the one that is right at our fingertips. Each and every day, if we spend just a few minutes sitting at the foot of the cross-talking with our Father, what kind of difference would we see in ourselves? The more we talk to Christ, the more we become like Him. Prayer is direct access to our Father and a way for us to talk with Him all throughout the day. It is one of the ways God speaks to us and allows us to hear His voice. Ask God to help you stay connected to Him through prayer.

Following Christ is hard and it can be even harder as we navigate constantly changing seasons. Praise God for His grace and His many ways of grabbing our attention and bringing us back to Him. I hope these 4 things will help you remain at the foot of our Father in complete surrender as well as grow to become more like Him.

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