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What have you learned today?

I am consistently overwhelmed about what can be accomplished from my couch with my phone and computer.  I have trouble now remembering what it was like before I could gather so much of my information and complete tasks online.  Everything in my life is so centric around this type of communication, access, and management.  Online delivery has changed even our learning styles.
ACS Technologies has partnered with Solomon Learning Management System as a solution for you to use for your online training needs.  The first obvious fit for this type of solution is our Headmaster clients.  (I know, we have a lot of product lines, but those are our faith based schools that use our different school software.)  Learning no longer has to just be done in a traditional setting of a physical desk, teacher, and chalk board.  Solomon offers the ability to share and track your different training presentations through an online environment.  Headmaster 11.5 will be releasing the ability to export data specifically for use within Solomon to make it even easier for you to use.
Learning is more traditional to a school environment, but it is not limited to just there.  My Pastor and I got into a conversation this past weekend about a modification to our church services.  We are now offering a children’s focused service.  Yes, that’s a great environment for me where any wiggles or the rustling of crayon papers goes a little more unnoticed!  He used the point that there wasn’t a sermon but just a children’s message as a selling point.  I told him that was respectively why he had not seen us at that service.  Don’t get me wrong, I very much want my children fed with the Biblical word.  The thing is, I need it too!  My LEARNING has not ended—and it never should.  I perhaps need it now more than ever!  (As I told him, at least you can know that someone actually is listening to what you have to say in the sermon! )  The church has many areas where it needs to continue to provide learning opportunities to its congregation.  These may be training for leadership, Biblical knowledge, or even recovery resources.  Solomon can assist you in providing this information as well.
May I encourage us all to continue our own learning opportunities!

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