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Mission Trip Preparation Checklist

church leaders planning a mission trip

Mission trips involve careful planning and preparation by churches. The process may vary based on the church’s denomination, mission goals, and destination. Still, common elements are involved in preparing for any successful mission trip.

Mission Objectives

The goals and objectives of every mission trip need to be understood. Is the purpose of the mission evangelism, community service, medical outreach, or something else?

Mission Team

When recruiting, ensure potential team members are committed to the mission and have the necessary skills or expertise. Look at your mission objectives, consider the diverse needs of the mission, and assemble a team that can address them. Also, verify you have enough team members to reach your objectives to avoid overburdening the mission team.


Training is critical for your mission team. Include cultural sensitivity training, basic language skills, and safety protocols. Review the mission objectives, too.


Fundraising is essential for missions, especially international missions. Develop a  strategy to cover the trip’s costs, including travel expenses, accommodations, and supplies. Mission fundraising is the responsibility of the entire church, not just the mission team. Church-organized events and donation requests allow the congregation to support the mission financially.

Logistics and Planning

There is a lot of logistical planning and information gathering required for a successful mission trip. It’s critical to have all the details organized and easily accessible in case of an issue. Think about the information involved in mission trips – reservations, contacts, contracts, transportation, accommodations, daily schedules, individual passports, visas, permits, and immunization records. 

Health Precautions

Health and safety concerns should be addressed by providing information on vaccinations, health insurance, and necessary medications. A good practice is to have all team members visit their healthcare professionals before the trip to avoid unforeseen issues.

Cultural Sensitivity

Your mission team must know the culture they are visiting on their mission. So, providing guidance on cultural norms and customs is essential. Include appropriate dress, communication styles, diet, and respect for local traditions. The more prepared the team is, the better the experience will be.

Team Building

Be sure the mission team has the opportunity to foster a sense of community and teamwork before departing. Intertwining team-building activities, prayer, and group discussions within the training sessions are good ways to accomplish this. Share the mission team contact info during an initial meeting to promote communication from the onset.

Spiritual Preparation

Encourage team members to engage in personal and group spiritual preparation – prayer, Bible study, and reflection on the purpose and significance of the mission.

Communication Plan

Establish a communication plan to inform the church community and mission team members’ families about the progress of the trip. Include regular updates during your services, the church newsletter, or social media posts. 


After the mission trip, conduct a debriefing session to reflect on the experience, share stories, and discuss the impact of the mission. Remember to follow up with the host partner. Express gratitude and the desire to continue the partnership. You may consider capturing the debriefing on video to share with future mission teams.

By being prepared and carefully addressing all of these aspects of a mission, churches can ensure that their mission trips are well-organized, impactful, and conducted with the safety and well-being of the participants in mind.

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