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Raise funds for your trips

Personal Fundraising

A fundraising page is created for each participant that they can personalize with a message and photo. Participants can easily share their page with friends and family via text, email, or social media.

General Fundraising

Raise funds for your trip by creating a general page.  Funds can be transferred to other teams, participants, or trips.

Offline Donations

Enter offline donations complete with tracking information such as donor, origin of donations, and check numbers.

Fundraising Preferences

You can customize your fundraising pages by choosing to show or hide goals, or you can opt to disable fundraising for your trip.

Donation Options

Tailor your donor options to your needs by allowing fundraising to exceed the goal, let donors cover processing fees, or offer suggested donation amounts.

Thank You Emails

Configure an email to automatically thank donors. The email also serves as a receipt for the transaction.


Create milestones for participants to ensure funding is received when needed. For example, the first milestone may be the deposit for the trip.

Dashboards & Reports

View overall progress toward your fundraising goal in the trip dashboard, or you can run reports for online or total donations.