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OnDemand iPad App

Data at our fingertips.  It seems to be a consistent theme to our world.  The closest thing to us is often not just our phones but for many of us it is our iPads.  I love how I can literally manage so much of my life via this sort of data access.  How great would it be if you could get to your ACS Technologies data via your iPad?  When you are sitting at a meeting at work, grabbing a bite to eat, or just on your couch at home…  Now you can!!!  Let me repeat because I’m just that excited.  Now you can!!!
First you had the access to your data via OnDemand.  There is now an iPad application or OnDemand clients.  This app is available in the iTunes store under ACS OnDemand at  Everything you access via On Demand is now available via this app.  This also means that Checkpoint is also available via this application natively as well.  Think of the possibilities!!  (Please note, printing is only a limitation of your device.)
One review is already out there, I’ll let it sum it up – “Just noticed that this released today. I’ve been chomping at the bit to get my hands on it and take it for a spin. Very excited to have this flexibility. Looking forward to how I can apply this in our ministry. “
Your data and our software can now go wherever you go.  Where will you take it?

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