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Blog » Ministry Impact Story: Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Marietta, GA

Ministry Impact Story: Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Marietta, GA

A Church with a Mission
The people of Atlanta, though located in the midst of the Bible belt, need God, and they need churches devoted to serving them with the Good News of Jesus Christ. In the early 80s, God began to gather people for a mission to serve all people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. He started Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church.

Currently,  between 150 and 200 people worship Jesus and join in this mission every Sunday. They aren’t a mega-church where people can be lost in the crowd, and they aren’t a small church. Their size allows them to put together many different types of programs, but their strength lies in their intimacy, closeness, and family attitudes. People feel comfortable at BSLC because the people have a charitable spirit.

In support of their ministry, Beautiful Savior created mailers, handled their financials, and tracked people with different databases.  Entering the same information into multiple databases wastes time, which is in short supply since they do not have a full-time administrative position.  After overhearing his pastor talking about the difficulty of entering data into their 4 databases, David, a lay leader, began a search to find a church management software system that better fit their needs.

Finding Simple and Effective Solutions
David says, “Our goal is to eliminate the need for several databases, simplify our administrative processes and off-load some the tasks to lay persons. We had to reduce the administrative burden and allow our pastors to spend time ministering to people.”

David did his homework. He searched for a system that would be available in the cloud. They didn’t want the headaches of all their information stored on a computer in their office. They wanted a system that would allow different people to enter and use the information they collect so that more effective ministry can happen.  Therefore, the system had to be simple to use and easy to explain.

They found Realm. Now, different people can share the load. It’s going to be easy for their lay ministry directors and their pastors to enter information into the same database and use it in the ways they need. Realm will help them cultivate a culture where people are not lost. BSLC has a deep commitment to allocating their resources faithfully for the Lord’s purposes.

They feel that Realm helps them complete the mission God has placed in their hearts for the people of northern Atlanta. They want to see unchurched people come to Christ.

David in His Own Words
David said, “Realm is simple sophistication. I tried a dozen software systems and 4 to 5 presentations. I’ve downloaded a couple of systems to try. One of the things that struck me is that the more capabilities they provide the greater complexity they have. BSLC didn’t want a 30 year old system that someone put in the cloud. I wanted a younger, fresher, contemporary approach without extraneous programming issues. Realm makes it effective and simple with built in sophisticated system capabilities and access to the information.”

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