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Social Media and the Church

We live in a world where the majority of us are connected by the Internet. This connection occurs through various platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) uniformly known as “social media.” With so many people using these platforms, it begs this question for the church: how do we engage or ignore this popular trend?

The reality is that most people younger than the age of 30 are engaged daily on social media sites. But really, engaged would be an understatement. Millennials average nearly 18 hours a day with media of some form. But it’s not just for millennials, as even older generations, though slower to accept at first, are on these sites.

Let’s look at some do’s and don’ts for the church to consider when it comes to social media.


1) Pray about which social media sites will help your church promote and connect with those in your community.
2) Have a social media team that can manage and update your sites.
3) Have a strategy with your social media sites. What do you want to communicate?
4) Focus on a few social media sites instead of trying to do too many.


1) Start a site and then not update it regularly. People will lose interest very quickly if sites are not properly maintained.
2) Try to use too many platforms at first.  Ease into it and get your feet wet by only utilizing one or two platforms at first.
3) Put less than good content out there. Use your platform(s) to promote your ministry and build excitement for it.
4) Add this job solely to a staff member, Consider having a team of volunteers lead under the supervision of a staff member.
5) Forget the purpose of the church entering this domain is to connect with the next generation and point them toward what God is doing through your church.

Which of these things have you done to get off on the right foot? Is there something we left off the list? Let us know by sounding off in the comments below.

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