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Blog » The Best Church Administrator Training Programs

The Best Church Administrator Training Programs

Best Church Administrator Training Programs

When we think about church admin in terms of loving God and loving others, we don’t need to think about job descriptions only. Instead, we see the work of administration of the church as a ministry with different people involved in different parts of the process. Building on the emphasis of “process” included in this ministry is the desire to improve one’s awareness, learn fresh skills in one or more areas of expertise, and increase motivation, productivity, and performance. The best church administrator training programs equip you to become more effective church leaders in both theory and practice.

We’ve compiled a list of a few of the best church administration training programs and upcoming conferences to encourage the fulfillment of Phil 1:9-  “And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight.”

Villanova School of Business 

Transform the way you lead and serve the church in an increasingly complex world. The Master of Science in Church Management (MSCM) is an innovative, two-year online graduate business program providing a high-level church management skill set. Built upon two foundational elements – a solid business curriculum and a faith-based approach to church management – each course is meticulously designed for current and future Christian church leaders.

NorthPark University

Upon completion of the certificate, you will understand the fundamentals of church administration, including cash flow and nonprofit accounting systems. You’ll gain experience in creating an effective management framework and be prepared to further your church’s mission through marketing and communications plans as well as human resource practices.

Smart Church Management 

This training is designed for anyone in church leadership who wants to answer the call of “How do I become an effective church administrator?” Learn how to improve their skills in managing church resources – people, time, and money.

Be a Disciple 

Effective church administration allows each community of faith to operate to its fullest potential. And creates space for all people to grow, worship, and serve. Attending to the details of congregational life involves organization and inspiration, along with conflict resolution and stress management at times. The Certification in Church Administration offers a Biblical and theological approach to serving well. From the front lines of congregational life and the practical tools for overseeing the essential functions of the church.

Admin Conference invites you to connect with Admins across the country who share your same joys, struggles, and passions to gather for a time of learning, community, and growth to power you through this next year.

Louisville, KY 

May 9-11, 2023

The Church Network National Conference offers multiple ways to develop professional skills, find answers, discover new questions, get a sneak preview of emerging trends, preview resources, and hone your professional confidence. Whether new to church leadership or a veteran, it’s an event where you will strengthen your leadership skills.

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 

July 18-21, 2023

The Global Leadership Summit provides talks from world-class speakers who display grit, and innovative opportunities in their industry. And they push boundaries and barriers to influence others while inspiring, developing, and connecting people worldwide. 

Chicago, IL & Online options

August 3-4, 2023

Better Team addresses the commonly asked question. “What qualifications do I need to be a church administrator?” Here’s an excerpt for you to ponder. And as you set out to create a job description or reevaluate the role to better serve your ministry:


“A church administrator ensures the smooth and efficient operation of a church through overseeing the daily activities and operations, and managing the business side of the church. A church administrator is usually an active member of the church. They set an example for the congregation through his or her life and work.”

Administration is one of the greatest challenges faced by pastors and church staff. It requires knowledge of key facets of ministry, wisdom, foresight. And the ability to deal with critical issues set in a primary volunteer setting. To be accomplished effectively, church work requires administration, teaching, preaching, and ministering. When the church properly and effectively functions as a spiritual organization. Especially in the areas of ministry, administration, and education, the real needs of people will be met. The church will grow to spiritual maturity, and God will be glorified as His Kingdom is advanced.

Forrest started with ACST in 2015 and has held key roles across many departments working directly with our ministry partners. He currently is a Territory Account Manager and specializes in helping large churches use technology. So they meet their full potential in every aspect of their ministry. He has served in youth and children’s ministry staff roles at his church. And he is passionate about leading churches in meaningful change.

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