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The Secrets to Successfully Recruiting Volunteers

Engaging donors

Churches need volunteers every weekend for special events and ongoing ministry opportunities. This need for volunteers means most churches stay in a constant recruitment cycle. 

We know how it goes: there’s a sudden need (all the time, it seems) for volunteers. A pastor or leader gets on stage during a service and begs with a weak sales pitch. Eventually, people step in. 

As we cover in our free guide called Gearing Up for Fall, wise recruiting is critical to your church’s impact. There are ways to get off this relentless cycle of asking for volunteers. It takes a thoughtful strategy, intentionality, and consistency. 

Start with how you ask.

When you need volunteers, it’s usually urgent. There’s no time to wait. Instead of waiting for these crisis moments, think ahead. Use the pulpit regularly to cast vision for why church volunteers are needed. Show people the ways their efforts create impact. Give clear steps (consistently) for volunteering for different needs. You want to persuade people. So give them something compelling. Consistently. 

Use digital tools.

Social media and email marketing are powerful tools for ministry. They allow you to enter into someone’s world regularly. Tell stories, make specific asks, and show how to sign up through these channels. 

Get creative. 

Think outside the box for what volunteers can do. Whether planning an event or reimagining weekend services, consider unique or special ways people can volunteer. This extra thought creates more ways for more people to engage. The more volunteers you have, the more impact you make. 

Recruiting volunteers is just the start. You need to cast vision, give them specific ways to serve, and so much more. Discover how recruitment is part of a thriving volunteer plan in our free guide Gearing Up for Fall.

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