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Use AI To Generate Personal Communications

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All the chatter around artificial intelligence (AI) and tools like ChatGPT hit most of our radars in 2023. Some of us may have even signed up and played with it – creating wistful travel plans, generating New Year’s resolutions, requesting birthday party ideas, etc. But there are also powerful uses for AI in our churches. Think about a pastor using it to create an outline for a sermon series. Or use it to create a Carnival-themed VBS curriculum. AI is here to stay. How can you start utilizing it to simplify your job?

AI can play a huge role in your church’s communications. Think about your first-time visitors. Connecting with them is necessary in their decision to join or even return to your church. Create a plan to reach out to them. How many times do you want to contact them? How will you reach them (email, phone, text, etc.)? How frequently are you communicating with them? What is it you want them to do? Here is an example of a basic plan 

  1. Day 1: Thank them for attending your church service.
  2. Day 4: Invite them back to worship with you again. Share worship times and information about your congregation.
  3. Day 7: Send a communication from your pastor that encourages them to join an upcoming event or program. Provide information about your pastor and his family.
  4. Day 9: Share information about your ministries and ask if there is anything you can do for them.

You get the idea. But what does this have to do with using AI for communication? 

Realm, which integrates with Constant Contact, can do the outreach communication work for you. Realm contains all your congregant and visitor contact information. Just sync your list between Realm and Constant Contact and send customized emails and texts to your visitors and congregants. Constant Contact allows you to use their automated path builder to send emails and SMS messages on a schedule, like the one for outreach above. AND Constant Contacts has an AI content generator built-in. So you can create personalized emails and text messages right within their system. 

It’s simple. Type in a few keywords. Or steps from your outreach plan. Multiple content options will be created for you within Constant Contact. As with all AI, you’ll want to review the content. Use it as is, or you may want to make some edits. Make sure you are clear and detailed with your information. The content will only be as good as the information you put in. Constant Contacts system will even help you create subject lines using industry trends and the expertise of what will get opened, so you’ll have improved open rates. 

Now consider all the other automated communications you can set up using Realm and Constant Contact. Inclement weather notifications. Mission fundraising requests. Small group reminders. Volunteer recruitment efforts. For a limited time, you can connect with your congregation through email and SMS using Constant Contact at a savings of 30% for three months. Start using AI for all your communications now.

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