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Integrations to power up your church management solution

Additional Solutions to Complement Realm

Below are solutions that complement or integrate with  Realm to  provide you with a complete ministry environment.  These tools empower your staff, leaders, and congregants to continue evolving and growing your mission and ministries. 

Realm’s integration with Constant Contact gives you a strong foundation for effective communication. Simply sync your email lists between Realm and Constant Contact tostreamline your administrative tasks and send customized, templated emails to your congregation.

This integration allows you to:

  • Simplify sending emails to targeted lists by sending contact lists from Realm to Constant Constant
  • Never worry about contact information being out of date in Realm or Constant Contact as changes made in each software sync to keep them both up to date
  • Update or replace lists in Constant Contact as groups, pathways, or other lists are changed in Realm
  • Customize email templates in Constant Contact to send to targeted lists from Realm
  • Send SMS text messages

Go Method is an all-in-one, automated, due-date based mission trip and event management tool that provides tools for leaders and participants. 

Integration between Go Method and Realm allows you to: 

  • Use your Realm login to sign into GoMethod 
  • View and update Realm profile information in Go Method 
  • Create Realm profiles for people added  in Go Method 
  • Use your Realm eGiving account to process payments in Go Method via Realm giving forms 
  • Designate Realm funds for payments via giving forms 
  • View Go Method payments and statuses in both programs 
  • View Go Method payments on Realm giving statements

Nelco is our trusted filing solution that integrates with Realm Payroll to provide you with a simple and completely electronic option for filing W-2s, 1099, 1095, and 941 forms. This integration gives you an easy and efficient way to to complete your year-end reports and forms in a matter of minutes.

This integration allows you to:

  • Set up an e-file account with Nelco for free. Only pay when you select how you want to e-file and if you’d like Nelco to print and mail tax forms for you..
  • Electronically file federal forms – Data is sent directly from Realm to the Federal Government, eliminating the need to file through the IRS or SSA systems.
  • Electronically file state forms – Data is sent directly to any and every stage that requires reporting in the format required by that state, eliminating the need to keep up-to-date with various state filing requirements.
  • Automatically send filings to recipients once they are completed. No need to print, mail, or hand deliver forms to your recipients yourself.


Verified First makes screening easy, integrating directly into Realm to give you a streamlined screening process all in one place. Our screening specialists will walk you through how to order the screens, and then we’ll take it from there. With a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to making your church community safe for everyone.

Realm’s integration with Verified First allows you to:

  • Track the date background checks were processed
  • Send background check requests to volunteers and applicants to complete so you never ask for or store sensitive information, like Social Security numbers
  • Easily identify flagged reports to make the reviewing and hiring process faster
  • Produce results that are compliant with federal and local background screening laws


Vanco is our trusted partner and payment processor within Realm, providing a comprehensive giving solution including online, text, and mobile app giving. 

Realm eGiving through Vanco is a true integrated solution allowing you to:

  • Post gifts directly into Realm Contributions giving your staff more time to focus on ministry
  • Customize your giving and pledge forms for specific funds and pledge campaigns so your forms clearly communicate their mission and purpose
  • Provide your congregation with multiple ways to give with options to set up recurring gifts, cover the processing fee, give to multiple funds, and more


Growth Method is a ministry engagement hub that facilitates engagement by providing pastors and staff with automated communications, task tracking, and processes.

Integration between Growth Method and Realm includes:

  • Single sign-on with Realm
  • Realm profile and family information available in Growth Method
  • Create/update Realm profiles for records created in Growth Method


The integration of Realm with Planning Center People provides your ministry with the tools needed for seamless worship planning. It provides your ministry with:

  • Ability to select individuals from Volunteer Teams or Group Participant Lists in Realm to sync with Planning Center People
  • A one-way sync of profile information such as name, phone number, email address, gender, and date of birth from Realm to Planning Center People
  • Simplified workflow for scheduling volunteers for worship services