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Webinars – A Great Way to Share Information

I’m amazed by video web technology.  Due to it’s power, my parents who live in Texas were able to see my son take early steps, learn to crawl, and even fall asleep every night.  You don’t have to be in the same room, city, or even state with someone to share an experience.  This isn’t just personal, it’s business too.  First, it started with just being able to do web events.  In a previous job, part of my role was to train the other offices on new updates that we put out to the software.  After every release, we would have all of the nation wide offices sign in to a webinar to review the changes from the night before.  This was something new and exciting.  Now, many people go to webinars as part of our daily work world.  Almost on a daily basis, I am logged in to a session that is hosted locally or from a vendor I am in conversation with to review some piece of a product.  I love to be able to share information in this live and interactive format.
Every month, our Megachurch Client Program does live Webinars for its client base.  A different topic is presented each month with a live and interactive presenter.  Often, the presenter is not even necessarily in our office.  We are able to do part of the presentation and then share with another topic expert through a webcam at a remote location.  These are always fun and exciting to be a part of – there is something about a live presentation that keeps you on top of your game!  Last week, I was involved in creating a video  to share more about our Online Giving solution.  We were able to do a presentation for folks across the nation to view live from here in our offices, and then answer the questions as they came in – on the spot.  Although live is exciting, sometimes it doesn’t work with the schedules of everyone that wants to attend.  We also had requests for the presentation so that it could be shared with others in the office.  There is a lot of potential to expand giving in your organization with Online Giving, so check it out:

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