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Worst Pastor Appreciation Gifts to Give in 2022

Worst Pastor Appreciation Gifts to give in 2021

Many moons ago, we published a blog on the Worst Pastor Appreciation Gifts you could give. I think this should be an annual blog to remind us of what not to give our beloved pastors. I’m sure many pastors would agree and could also offer a lot of additional suggestions.

So what do we recommend you avoid when selecting that special PA gift in 2021? 

A book on any subject relating to the pastors role in your church (i.e., sermons, public speaking, leadership, communication skills. You get the picture! Rather than feel appreciated, your pastor is likely to experience anxiety over the fact that you feel he needs to read one of these subjects.

I think we can also avoid giving our pastors a Bible. I think it’s safe to assume they already have at least one in their possession. The caveat to this is if you have a Gutenberg Bible. I’m sure they’d be open to accepting such an aesthetic piece of history.

Praying hands (in any form) That’s right, no t-shirts, statues, pins, pictures of praying hands. If you think this is the perfect gift, so have hundreds of others, and really, how many praying hands does one need outside of the two we already have?!

Pastor Bobblehead Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing! Who knew we even needed such a thing. I’m here to tell you, we don’t, and neither does your pastor!

Joke gifts. A t-shirt, mug, or mask with a phrase like, “Careful, I may use that in one of my sermons,” is humorous if you’re the first person to gift it. And your pastor will see the humor in some ironic phrases plastered on one of many useful objects. But including a gift card shows a thoughtfulness that won’t be missed. It recognizes they’re in a position that can sometimes be awkward, but you still love, respect, and are thankful to them.

The perfect pastor appreciation gift

When selecting a perfect gift, remember Pastors are people too. What would you like to receive? A gift card to a local favorite restaurant or coffee shop, tickets to a game or the theater, a box of chocolates, or a simple note or letter can also be a great gift. Or give your pastor a gift that helps make his job easier; an example would be software that helps them simplify the church’s pastoral care program. Showing appreciation can come in many forms, and we know your pastor will appreciate any of them.

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