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Welcome to the Self-Guided Tour of MinistryPlatform!

Imagine having a suite of tools designed for churches just like yours. Tools that grow and expand with you, just as your church does. Tools that allow you to add in other features and solutions to benefit the type of ministry you want to be.  For those churches looking for solutions that can scale, customize, create dynamic personalization, and grow with their ministry, MinistryPlatform is the answer.

Thank you for expressing an interest in MinistryPlatform. This self-guided tour will introduce you to MinistryPlatform and highlight different ways it will support your ministry.

MinistryPlatform is different from others because it’s a flexible data platform allows for unlimited customization and scalability.  Some of the largest churches in the country leverage the power and flexibility of MinistryPlatform to address the ever-changing landscape of ministry.  Thanks to an open data architecture and a robust API, MinistryPlatform can easily integrate with a variety of softwares and services that help with the many facets of your ministry.

See why churches from across the country have chosen MinistryPlatform as their church management solution that grows with their ministry.

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