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Empowering Nonprofits

Once you upload your constituent database, you can create a visual map to connect resources and users for maximum impact in your service area.

Improve the way you handle:

Organizational Development

Organize databases, monitor changes, and create reports that quickly summarize the reach and impact of our organization to motivate prospective donors

  • Measure—MissionInsite answers the question “Who are we?” by providing analysis of your nonprofit’s current reach among clients and donors, so that you can clearly identify strengths and weaknesses, and measure success.

  • Identify—MissionInsite answers the question “Who is my neighbor?” by defining the unique and dynamic demographic diversity of your service areas so that you can observe migrations of people and the changing needs of the community.

  • Discover—MissionInsite answers the question “What is our plan?” by revealing opportunities to serve more people and engage more donors, and identifying emerging opportunities and challenges as you expand your service area.

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Current Donor Tracking

Motivate existing donors to increase their contributions

  • Categorize current donors based upon capacity to give, propensity of giving and size of gifts for easy targeting of potential donor opportunities, and see potential movement of donors from infrequent to frequent giving and from small gifts to larger gifts.
  • Analyze current donor households by Mosaic lifestyle types, and identify top Mosaic donor households in any geography in your service area.

  • Discern how likely a current donors are to give to non profit types such as charities, Social Services/Welfare, Arts/Culture & Humanities, Education, Environmental Causes, Health, Political, Religious Organizations or Private Foundations.

  • Estimate the likelihood of households in any given Mosaic lifestyle category to prioritize donations to your kind of charity.

  • View individual donor household records of demographic, psychographic and giving habits to assist in selection of excellent donor targets for increased giving potential.

  • Download graphics that clearly indicate progress toward achieving desired outcomes that determine the success of the organization.

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Prospective Donor Identification

Find potential support and effectively communicate your needs.

  • Identify community households by primary gender, marital status, head of household age, household education, children in household, income, length of residence, own/rent, dwelling type, Mosaic code, Mosaic Group, racial ethnic surname, children in household by age range and age of children, to target communication and fundraising.

  • Find households with low, modest, and high giving potential both for InKind and financial donations. Combined with thematic mapping for mosaic types, you can target specific areas for financial appeals.

  • Target specific neighborhoods, at relatively small cost, with little wastage for fund raising and capital campaigns.

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MissionInsite has helped over 100,000 faith-based institutions better understand their congregants and community at large. Now MissionInsite is bringing its community engagement and demographic expertise to the nonprofit sector.

Long-Range Planning

Urbanization and centralization is creating more isolation in small towns and rural areas. Plus, as the population ages, there are consolidation trends in recreational and retirement centers. Nonprofits must adapt in programming, volunteer empowerment, and fundraising.

  • Observe—Enable regional planners to upload databases for clients, volunteers, and donors to see the geographical gaps and overlaps in needs and resources.

  • Customize—Build your own reports that highlight regions by zip codes, census block groups, counties, school districts, and more; and adjust views that highlight transportation corridors, streets, topographies, and satellite images for both big picture and pinpoint accuracy.

  • Track—Track housing trends by type and density, population trends in different phases of life and family structures, ethnic and racial trends, income forecasts, and more.

  • Learn—Customize American Beliefs Study reports to see priorities in life concerns, program preferences, social and moral values. You can also identify information sources and social media preferences. Faith-based non-profits can also track religious viewpoints, church participation and reasons for non-participation, and denominational preferences.

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Optimum Locations for Community Service

Find the most visible and accessible location for our target population

  • Locate—Produce a color coded map revealing the precise neighborhoods with the highest population density for your target population.

  • Maintain—Regularly update your client list to follow migration trends as neighborhoods evolve and social service priorities change.

  • Research—Demographic research reveals trends for families in poverty, housing and transient populations, average and median household incomes for any given neighborhood or search area.

  • Plan—Choose an alternative map view to see detailed traffic patterns and satellite close-ups for likely locations.

  • Plot—Define search areas using “travel polygons” customized for the time or distance people are most likely to travel by foot, car, or public transportation to reach your destination.
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Determine the best methods to advertise and inform people in our database about our activities

  • Identify—Generate a summary of communication methods preferred by each lifestyle segment; and once your database is uploaded into the system you can identify lifestyle preferences separately among clients, volunteers, and donors.

  • Reveal—Research social media preferences from a wide and expanding number of options. (Data is updated regularly allowing you to track changing preferences.)

  • Align—Faith-based nonprofits with strong volunteer support from churches will benefit from the comparison between community communication preferences and church member communication preferences.

  • Select—Purchase low cost, customized mailing lists to reach only the specific neighborhoods or areas you target, with as little wastage as possible.
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With MissionInsite, you will gain a greater understanding of your organization and community at large. MissionInsite provides strategic insight to illuminate and cultivate current donors, prospects and volunteers by analyzing their Financial Potential to Give, Habit of Giving, and overall Giving Potential. MissionInsite provides highly accurate and detailed household-level demographics to help organizations better understand their donors and prospects and the most effective ways to communicate with them.

Donor Acquisition Strategies

Capital Campaigns

Campaign Planning/Feasibility

Donor Engagement Analytics

Client Distribution and Expansion

Reach new clients by monitoring the population density for target groups and tracking migration patterns as neighborhood demographics change.

  • Review—Upload client databases and client households will appear as different colored dots indicating locations. Annual reviews can reveal shifting population densities and patterns of migration.

  • Forecast—Demographic research options provide population change forecasts by age, families by size and educational enrollment, school age and grade, primary language spoken at home, and families in poverty.

  • Scan—Reveal specific neighborhoods with high population densities with families and school aged children where new service centers will have maximum impact.

  • Learn—Hover your cursor over any specific house and instantly see key data related to householder lifestyle segment, age, income potential, and family status.

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Volunteer Distribution and Expansion

Monitor volunteer networks to help leaders coordinate, communicate, and see how their geographical influence is changing and shifting.

  • Visualize—Upload volunteer databases to map households and create potential for volunteers to build or deepen friendships with like-minded people.

  • Segment—Identify the likelihood of any particular lifestyle segment to volunteer in a nonprofit service. MissionInsite suggests potential compatibilities between lifestyle groups and segments that can encourage current volunteers to invite friends and neighbors into your social services.

  • Recruit—Thematic mapping reveals lifestyle representation among nonprofit volunteers. As client migration shifts, nonprofits can identify likely areas to recruit more volunteers from similar lifestyle segments.

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Volunteer Training

Equip volunteers to be more impactful in service and empathic in relationships.

  • Educate—Reveal to volunteers the unique needs, preferences, and cultural or behavioral habits of clients—building empathy and respect, and creating healthy relationships.

  • Inspire—Provide volunteers with the bigger picture of the neighborhoods in which they serve and the people with whom they interact, including racial and ethnic representation, primary language spoken at home, and more. Research can reveal top life concerns and priorities, along with insights into religious attitudes and perspectives.

  • Empathize—MissionInsite suggests the deeper anxieties that shape the behavior of particular lifestyle segments, and potential compatibilities between lifestyle groups and segments that can enhance cooperation and understanding.

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Access robust reports and analytics tools through our interactive, cloud-based system.

MissionInsite’s solutions empowers nonprofits to become more sustainable and attract new prospects and volunteers, as well as further engaging current donors. With MissionInsite, your leaders can visualize donors, prospects and volunteers in their relation to your organization and the community at large. Our proprietary technology integrates your data with a robust set of community demographics, empowering organizations to solve their most complex challenges.

We Serve Many Types of Nonprofits

With MissionInsite, you will gain a greater understanding of your organization and community at large. MissionInsite provides strategic insight to illuminate and cultivate current donors, prospects and volunteers by analyzing their Financial Potential to Give, Habit of Giving, and overall Giving Potential. MissionInsite provides highly accurate and detailed household-level demographics to help organizations better understand their donors and prospects and the most effective ways to communicate with them.





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